• Hi all, I am fairly new to WP and am hoping you might be able to offer some advice, please. I am working on a site that uses Unyson Page builder and Jevelin as the template – I have not found a simple way to add the short-code to the site to get the video to work as required (when clicking on an image) – would anyone be able to advise how to do this, please? I can’t seem to find a space to add shortcode directly. Will this plugin work with the aforementioned setup?



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  • Plugin Author David Vongries


    Hi @defunctuk,

    welcome to the WordPress community! 🙂

    I’m unfamiliar with Unyson & Jevelin unfortunately but I’m sure they can help you to achieve this. Usually, you would simply add the shortcode somewhere on the page. It doesn’t really matter where.

    You should be able to place it anywhere inside the editor/page builder for it to render on the frontend.

    Hope that helps!


    Thread Starter defunctuk


    Hi David, thank you very much for your response, I will give it another go.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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