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  • I’m almost to the point of believing that the plugin I need does not exist. Can someone please prove me wrong?

    This is NOT what I’m looking for:
    The ability to “Like” a post, page, or comment.

    This is what I’m looking for:
    The ability to “Like” multiple attributes of a product on a single post or page and have each “Like” button act independently of one another.

    The product listed on a post is a BMX Phantom Racing Bike. Underneath it will contain a list of attributes that the customer can “Like” according to their experience such as:
    The bike is heavy 0 Likes
    The bike is fast 2 Likes
    The gears are cheap 5 Likes
    The tires are great 0 Likes

    Customers can select multiple attributes by “Liking” it if it applies. By doing so, it adds 1 point to the total of that attribute.

    The problem I’m having is every “Like” or “Voting” plugin I’ve tried is either built to “Like” or “Vote” for a single post, page or comment. There are a few that allows you to add shortcode anywhere but if you add multiple instances of the same shortcode within a post/page, all instances will update to the same number once a “Like” is clicked.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks.

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