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    Am running latest WordPress and Divi theme with 2.16.1 Sermon Manager yupdate. Now, my previously entered sermons display normally again. Thank you. But, on the add sermons page, things are not normal. Maybe it is some settings I need to adjust in the plugin, I don’t know. The page I linked for help just shows the normal display now of a sermon previously entered. But, when I try to enter a new sermon, when I click on preacher, topic, or series or date, I get no popup calendar and when typing a few letters for these fields, i get no popup with choices that makes it easy to add these fields. Also, in the description field the editor looks different without any formatting choices such as bold, italic or anything else. Maybe I could manually type these fields in and add sermons but this is prone to making mistakes when enter fields. Please someone running Divi theme, can you confirm any of what I am posting and thank you ver much.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Steve Creasy


    We are running the Forgiven theme with the same problem. No ability to select Speaker or Series. Are the devs aware of this problem? I don’t think I have seen them address this specific issue.

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    Thanks for your confirm with another theme. I hope the devs are aware and will address this. It had been working fine but even older plugin was fainling to work for me after various updates of WordPress and Divi. Again, as many do, I deeply depend on this plugin for th emain part of my site, posting weekly sermons for many years. It would be a major endeavor to switch sermon plugins, something I do not want to do.. I am getting behind now in my upload of sermons but will await further updates a little longer. Thanks again for all.



    The interface seems to have changed slightly in version 2.16.1, the Title field looks like the standard Post and there is a text Block below that which does not seem to be useful – we use the Description field for sermon notes, so I will just ignore that first text Block at the top. Maybe it works on other themes.

    That said, I am able to select Preacher by going to the Document section on the right, scrolling down past the URL slug and other bits and by typing a few letters in the Preacher field, then selecting the name. Same for Series, Topics and Books.

    We are running the High Responsive theme on WordPress 5.5 and so far, so good with this new version (that is after the mishap yesterday morning which is resolved now).

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    Hi Guys, we have already uploaded a new file to support WP 5.5. During our first attempt to upload version 2.16.1 it fails to load all the files for some reason. Please try to download 2.16.1 and reinstall. For the Pro users please upgrade your sermon manager pro 2.0.5 to support themes compatibility.

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    Thnaks much. Could you please give me the exact steps I need to do so I want mess up my sermons data and thanks much. never did this procedure before.



    I am using WordPress 5.5 with the OceanWP theme (v.1.8.7). At this point, I’ve only made the changes to my development site. I originally rolled back to using v.2.15.15, so I re-attempted the upgrade to v.2.16.1.

    After the update, went to edit one of my existing sermons. After the title is a new “Description” field (it appears to be a typical WordPress post description field). The contents cannot be modified. It appears to duplicate a “Description” field that is located in the “Sermon Details” section, except that it strips out any formatting (b, i, ol, etc.) and shows plain text. When you preview/view the sermon, the plain text “Description” field is what is displayed on the single sermon page, not any formatted text of the “Sermon Details” area.

    The other appearance change is that the “Video Embed Code” field appears different (it looks like it just posts straight text), but it doesn’t appear to change the output on the single sermon page.

    Everything else appears to work as it should at this point. I experience the same results, as above, when I “Add New”. I can ignore the new “Description” field and just use the one in “Sermon Details”, although that wasn’t an expected result.

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    I deactivated Sermon Manager, deleted it and installed latest version and then activated it. Still have the same troubles with adding sermon page as I have described above. No popup date calendar, no popups for preacher, topic or series that make entry of these items less prone to error as it was before where you can select the entry from displayed choices afte rtyping a few letters. At this point for now, this plugin cannot be used on my site for any further sermon entries. Will wait a little longer but eventully will be forced to look for a solution that I can use and not get behind in my wor,. It is a shame that this has come about and if I could do anything else on my end to solve it, please let me know and thanks.



    I’m running latest WordPress and Lifeline 2 wordpress theme on 2.16.1 Sermon Manager. Now, my plugin seems to begin malfunctioning all of the sudden after months of working well. The add peacher, topics, service type and date features have become dormant. Checked settings and went forward to uninstall the plugin and reinstall it after clearing cache but no change. Hope this is solved soon.

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    Thanks again for confirming problems. Looking forward for a fix. Have gotten used to just using and all working well.



    Same issue here

    Using WP v 5.5.1. I deactivated Sermon Manager 2.16.1, deleted, reinstalled, and activated it. New update made it impossible to select preacher, topic, series, or book from dropdown choices. I can save the new sermon but it doesn’t show up in the sermon list. Please advise how to resolve these issues.

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    Even after 2.16.2 update, still the same problems. Will try to wait a little longer but not usable any longer for me at this point.

    @huntnyc Sounds like a theme problem. Switch to one of the default WordPress themes and see it that helps. Switching themes will NOT delete previous content.

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    One more piece to the puzzle, when I tried to add a new sermon and typed in topics and series because no popup selections appear and then I hit preview, nothing showed of the sermon except the Title which I had typed at the top of the Add New Page. What could be wrong? Again, I am told others are running Divi theme and Sermon manager with no issues. Really need some help. Again, I am r\willing to pay any reasonable fee for your help in this. This sermons section is the primary part of my site that receives updates weekly. I have operated since 1995. I would like it to continue and have enjoyed the last 5 years using this plugin. Any help much appreiated. I hesitate to chage themes because I think some of my page formatting will be lost, theme specific. I may be wrong in this. Thanks again.

    @huntnyc I was able to get a hold of Divi 4.6.1 and took it for a test drive.

    I never saw a popup (Topic, Speaker etc). So I reverted back to SM 2.15.15 and I didn’t see popups either. I know WP 5.5 is TOTALLY different from previous versions, so maybe 5.5 quit showing that?

    An interesting note. The theme (child theme) that I’m using uses check boxes and not text boxes. The parent theme (first “Speaker” box) doesn’t do that, just the child theme.

    If you want help, you can contact me here:

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