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  • dplumwood


    Here is my site:

    I want to add a row under the content boxes (that would show up beside the widget column on the right and above the blog posts) that would have static content describing my current book. The page is also set to show my blog posts on the front page.

    I go to pages, select Home (front) page and add a row. I add the content (photo with text) and update. It says it updates but the new photo/text doesn’t show up. Nothing changes. How do I add the row and the blog?

    Thanks, Deanna

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  • Suproa


    I have the same question. Just add a row for images or slider under the content boxes as showed on “Client Projects” or “Meet Our Team” on the theme owner, theme4press’s demo page:


    Any recommendations? Just add a row for images under the content boxes like “Client Projects” on the Front Page of theme owner’s demo page:

    I didn’t get any comments on that. Looked through all forum posts and Evolve theme documentation and cannot find a answer for it as well. But it should be a straightforward answer.
    All I need is adding a row for images under or above the content boxes(below the header) as showed on “Client Projects” or “Meet Our Team” on the theme owner-theme4press’s demo page:
    It just like what showed on your evolve demo home page, which was why I choose it. But now I can not make the homepage even looks like to it.
    If this is a feature for any paid packages, please just let me know. Thanks!

    I have the same question. Is this available in the paid version? Can you title the rows of content boxes, or add a generic exit link on a row?

    Hi Suproa,
    Did you install the Redux framework plugin?

    If you’ve done that and found no option to add an extra row for content, then it means that you’ll need to add this functionality yourself or ask the theme developers for help. Maybe the paid version of the theme has what you’re looking for, perhaps as shortcodes.

    I recommend turning to the theme developers or a theme expert. In fact, although it looks like ‘just’ adding another row, this would require some experience with WordPress template code and familiarity with at least basic PHP. You’ll need to create a child theme, duplicate the appropriate template file and make your modifications there. Further, if you’d like to have the functionality of adding an extra row from the Admin panel or the Customizer, this becomes even more of a specialized task.

    I hope this gives you some clarification on the task at hand.
    -Maria Antonietta

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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