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  • Hey everybody – I apologize upfront if this has been covered already (or stupid), but I’ve been stumped for a few days on it so I figured I’d give it a shot…

    I’m working on a concert venue site. I’ve got the calendar / show-listing part hardcoded into the theme code AND with using ExecPHP in widgets and Pages. I use 2 wp pages with custom PHP code in them – one to LIST the shows and one for show DETAIL. I’m just passing a GET variable to the DETAIL page to bring up the correct show id. No issues there. 🙂

    However, I’m also using one of the pre-packaged permalink structures (the date and name based one actually) for access to my pages and posts. So basically for the show details page I’m using URLs like this…


    Its not pretty, but it works – my question is, if I want to add some re-write rules to work in addition to the ones that the permalink enables (i.e. – passing the date and artist name instead of the show_id) – how would I do that and still “play nice” with WP?

    Thanks everyone!

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