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  • The only way I’ve found to add product categories to custom menus is to add them as “custom” links, using html like

    or, (live link)

    Isn’t there something more … integral to Woocommerce that does this?

    I’m just trying to build a store structure that is going to hold up to theme changes, that doesn’t use any hacks or php code insertions, just the core functionality of Woocommerce and perhaps plugins/extensions if absolutely needed.

    Is this method as good as it gets?

    The examples are a pure test (sandbox) store that obviously ins’t going to go live as a place to buy woozles and hefalumps.

    I’ve got a more elaborate test store at another URL, this one only has 4 simple products, but it should be enough to test/demonstrate product categories.

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  • Ok, please help me here. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    I created my menu as stated above with the Products Category (Product 1 & Product 2) as the top links in my menu. That works great and takes me to the Shop page and only for the category I set it for in the menu admin. No problem there.

    But, when I use my woo-commerce layered nav filters, it acts like it is working but doesn’t filter anything. I know it is reading correctly because when I add a new product, the filters reflect the addition.

    Any suggestions?

    Superb. Thanks for that!

    Fantastic post – Thank you

    hello guys
    i have a problem. i add the main menu “PRODUCTS”. then i add the products by the plugin–eshop, these products will be show in the list of categories. i want when stick the PRODUCTS main button, these products will be on PRODUCTS page.
    but it is not, when stick PRODUCTS it is blank without anything.
    even i add these products page belong to main menu “PRODUCTS”as secondary list. still can’t work.. when put mouse on it the products list will be show as drop-down list.
    hope can get answer to solve it. thanks

    I have a question, I use the following code to generate product on the page,

    [product_category category=”GREETING CARDS” per_page=”9″ columns=”3″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

    However, when the products number exceed 9, this code can’t direct to next page. How to display page 1, page 2, page 3.. under the page?


    Thanks @wycks for the hack.

    Wycks thank you for your post:
    Just to note an easy hack to allow the top menu item to not be a category itself and act as a true parent to all of them

    For example you want the menu to be:

    — cats
    — dogs
    — fish

    You just have to make -Products a link item with the link set to “#” then drag the product categories under it.

    I am trying to accomplish this myself. However, I don’t understand the hastag part. In “Appearance,” “Menus” I have a Menu titled GENRES. In the “Menu Structure” section I have dragged and dropped “Product Category”‘s that I have created. But when I click “Save Menu” and check my website, there is a bullet item that says “No categories” under my Menu. What am I doing wrong?

    @Erildoune you don’t want Product to be clicked upon. So all you have to do is this…

    Under menus in WP admin click on Links section on left hand side. Put # in URL field and write Products in linked text field. Click add to menu.

    Now drag -cat -dog -fish etc under Products…

    Did you perform the above steps? If you did, share link to your website.

    The “Links” section is looking for a website address and “Link Text.”
    Does the “#” (hash tag)in your post mean number in your post?? I don’t follow.
    I think maybe I need to make a page with the headings I want for the menu. Am I correct to say that pages set to “0” mean they won’t be added to the header tabs of my page and will appear only when the menu title is clicked on?

    @ercildoune. No, # is ‘#’, # is NOT the Post-ID. We donn’t want to click on Products to go to a page. On clicking products we want to stay on same page… therefore we do it by adding “#” (without quotes).

    I don’t know whether I am doing a nice job of explaining. 🙂

    Ok, I’m not trying to add a product. Just a link for someone to click on to look at a page to find the product. I have no idea what a Post-Id is. This is an e-commerce website not a blog.
    To see an example of what I am talking about go to On the left you will see a list of categories listed (hyperlinks) that will bring you to a page of a genre, i.e. Art, Fiction, Nonfiction, etc.
    I am trying to add “Categories” to the Menu that I have named “Genres.”

    The add # as a link and “Genre” as text. Put Art, Fiction, non-fiction etc. as sub-menus.
    — Art
    — Fiction
    — Non-Fiction

    link Art, fiction… etc to their respective pages.

    If you’re facing difficulty please provide link and send login details to my username (at) gmail

    I did try entering the # under the “Link” (with and without the http:) and I typed “Arts & Crafts” in the “Link text” field. Then I clicked on Add to Menu, Save Menu. I then refreshed my webpage and it didn’t show anything. 🙁
    But I think you are saying that my Main Menu name is “Genre” that I need to add Submenu cateories??
    How do I create a submenu? I just figured out how to make a “Sub” page today. 🙂
    Here is my webpage:

    Ok, I think I figured out how to make submenus… I draged the grey box to the left of the “Link” top box to make the hierarchy. But it still won’t change on the website.

    I can see under Publications => All => biographies, fiction…
    You’ve done it!

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