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    I need to add a link to the privacy page and the terms & conditions page from within the class-main-footer.php ideally centered below the ‘footer_credits’
    Does anyone know the php for this?
    Thanks in advance


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  • Rather than hack code, you could use the 3 Footer Widget Areas One-Two-Three.

    Use the standard Text Widget and add the HTML into there.

    Should look something like:
    <a href="" target="_blank">Privacy Statement</a>

    The /privacy/ is the slugname you can see when you Quick Edit the Page.


    Thanks for the help. I know I could do that but I want to keep the widgets for other data/images etc.

    I would rather keep the links centered below the ‘footer_credits’

    Copy /customizr/parts/class-main-footer.php to [your child theme]/parts/class-main-footer.php and modify it to suit your needs. Save & upload. It will have priority over the one in the parent theme and it will be kept over future upgrades of Customizr.


    Thanks, I’ve already adjusted the ‘footer_credits’ in the class-main-footer.php of the child theme.

    I was asking how to add links in the php code so the privacy page and the terms & conditions pages can be centered below the ‘footer_credits’ and linked to their relative pages.

    On line 91 of class-main-footer.php, before </div>, insert your html code. This is an example:

    <p> &middot; <a href="/conditions" title="Terms & Conditions">Terms & Conditions</a> &middot; <a href="/privacy" title="Privacy">Privacy</a> &middot; </p>

    Change the hrefs, titles and texts of the anchors to whatever you need. The middots are just for design, to mimic the style of the rest of footer content. If you want them on different rows insert a

    <br />

    between the links.


    Appreciate the help, managed to sort it out now.

    thanks very much

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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