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  • Maybe I could add here my more simple question:

    How to add a custom HTML link at the last position of the Category Posts Widgets, simply injecting another <li> with custom content.

    So it’s basically the same question as fredMCCR’s but without intelligence of navigation.

    ok, by adding one line before the closing </ul> directly in the plug in code, it worked
    but this way it is not update-safe …

    Thank you for the tip aschlemmer, that’s better than nothing ! (I still hope to have a reply from the developper of this plugin)
    Where did you put it in the code (line number) ?
    I guess it’s in cat-posts.php, please confirm.

    Hi fredMCR, i put it right before the closing ul in line 115:

    echo '<li class="more"><a href="#">LINK TEXT</a></li>';
    	echo "</ul>\n";

    yes, in cat-posts.php

    Thanks again, I’ll try that first.
    James Lao, can I expect an improvement like the one I suggested ?
    I don’t see any new release of your plugin since one year and half …

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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