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  • hey everyone I’m trying to put only about 10 news posts per page on my blog… and then have links like “previous enteries” that wil go to the next pages, any ideas how I can do this? Thanks a lot everyone

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  • Did you try admin > Options > Reading and setting the Show at most X posts?

    yeah I put it to 10 posts, but when I do that it only shows like 5, and it still doesn’t show the ones from today only. Perhaps theres some option missing somewhere that I’m not seeing? Or maybe theres a plugin – anyone know of any? Also, anyone know how to have “previous enteries” and “next enteries”? Perhaps I don’t have that since my current theme doesn’t support it but if theres a plugin that would rock! The main thing tho is to get the number of posts shown on the homepage correctly 🙂

    UPDATE: I found another theme that supports previous and next articles, I added the php code to mine, and it does seem to work, but when u click it, all it does is refresh the index page… Perhaps the theme I’m using now doesn’t support it? Man, I really don’t wanna change this theme! Ideas anyone? Help = much appreciated 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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