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  • I am new to wordpress. (I have always used ftp file to folder for nearly 20 years.)I am attempting to figure this out on my own site hosted by a virtual host.

    My question(s) is this. I would like to add 4 pages. I know how to make the front page static. On each of these additional 4 pages, I would like to add posts. Currently I only see that you can have one page with posts.

    I named a page “tidbits,” developed a category “tidbits” and thought my post using that category would “flow” to that page. That did not happen.

    Is it possible to name a page “tidbits,” develop a category “tidbits” and get post to appear on that page.

    At the same time is it possible to develop a page “book,” develop a category “book” and get post to appear on that page, while having the “tidbits” page operate and do that with 2 additional pages.

    Hope that gives the proper information
    Thank you in advance!

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  • Yes, you just need to create a custom menu and add category menu items – see:

    Thank you – will let you know!

    I posted a menu item, “legacy” and pulled in a page called “family” but when I viewed it showed the family page and not the legacy menu header

    Link to the site? Also note that categories don’t apply to pages (only to posts).

    I dummied up similar to what I thought as follows.
    I made a family 1 page that I entered into a Legacy 1 menu, similar to what I described. My final thought was I would be able to have a “Legacy”menu, with a family page in it.

    I think maybe you are confusing “menu” with “menu items” – you can only create 1 menu in twentytwelve – and then drag/drop the menu items into the places you like in the box on the right side of the menu screen.

    Did you set up a custom menu?

    I did-OK I just played with it to see what happens. I see what you are saying.

    So lets go back to my original thinking.
    My original goal was to have a couple of topics at top like Blog 1 and Blog 2 and have a post go to one or the other.

    The second part was to have something like legacy that had a page (not necessarily a blog page) like family 1 and family 2(though maybe one could be.)

    Yes, that’s done via a custom menu – it allows you to control what shows up in the menu and where. Is that not working?

    OK- I think we have it right for that part. Is there a way to get a post to go to a page other than what I have labeled “BLOG”?

    Yes, first create the categories you want – then assign the catogory to the posts yo want. Then make category menu items (not pages) – in the left column of the menu screen, towards the bottom, see the box Categories – check on the categories you want menu items for – and click add to menu – they’ll show up on the right side box – drag/drop all those menu items into any configuration you want.

    Or am I missing what you’re asking about?

    here is what I have done. I made a post, titled, “trying this 123”. Now, I followed what you said. I developed a category menu item, “Friends” (I do have a page call “friends”.) I guess I thought making the post would have it show up on the “Friends” page from top. I see that it shows up under categories on the right hand side. So I guess that is how it “works” which is OK. (I thought it would develop its on “page” of sorts with additional posts.

    BUT the post still shows up under “BLOG”. Is there a way to avoid that?

    Posts don’t show up on “Pages” Well, you CAN do that, but it involves quite a bit of custom coding – you have to create a page template that incorporates getting the posts you want…

    Also, you may not want to use the same name for a category and a page – I think that gets messy with permalinks if you do that – and you can see that WP is appending a number to those items as is (in the URL’s).

    If you only want some posts to show up under “blog” – you’ll need to make that a category item – and assign those posts to it.

    Thanks! I really appreciate your help.

    Ok-we will skip the coding for now. 🙂
    I changed the categories. Thanks for that thought.

    I developed a category, “blogposts” and applied it to 3 of 4 posts, yet all 4 posts post to Blog. Thought?


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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