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  • Hi all i recently started out my blog. To make it easier to describe the blog can be found here.

    I would like to understand how to solve a posting issue.

    I have as you can see 4 menu items First one is the Uncategorized where all normal posts ends up. Second is a Page for simple presentation, Third is a Page where I want to catch special posts (Poems), Fourth is a gallery plugin.

    The issue is regarding the Poem post. I have over 300 poems i want to update the blog with but i don’t want them to end up at frontpage (Uncategorized) when posting them, I want all and upcomming to end
    up under the menu “Poems”. Is that possible and how?

    That is what i really really need help with how to solve, maybe its easy but i dont find it. Please all help is needed.

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  • esmi


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    I have as you can see 4 menu items

    If I understand you correctly, what you actually have is 4 categories. The links in your top nav bar are link to WordPress Pages – not WordPress categories (lists of posts from a specific category).

    So, first I think you need to swap your current Page list on your top bar to either a category list. Or supplement your Page links with a list of your categories. As it is, I think you’re confusing Pages, Posts and Categories.

    It is possible to keep the Poem posts off your front page but it would require some theme template editing.

    Thank you esmi, yes i was suspecting it was something like that. I will try see if i can find out where to make changes.

    Seems like some work to turn of uncategorized postings? Shouldnt there be a good plug in that can handles what pages or categories a post shall be published at?



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    There may be more than 1 plugin that can help but I’ve not tried any of them, so can’t recommend anything. Sorry.

    It’s not a major editing job. Just a few lines need to be added to index.php if you want to exclude certain categories.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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