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    Alright, I was just checking things out here.
    You can check this post for my info on my site

    But basically I would like to add a post format to twentyten child theme

    I have an after_theme_setup function going, to override various twentyten stuff.

    But adding in post formats to that function doesn’t work

    I had to copy the entire twentyten_setup to my child theme, just to tweak the post formats

    Is this the only way? I just don’t like it as I only want the bare minimum code necessary in my child theme…..

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  • The link in my original post has been updated with new code.

    Simply need to bump down the priority of the after_theme_setup so the function fires after twentyten’s

    Rev. Voodoo,

    Thanks for your blog post. It did help me. After 20 minutes of head scratching, I have one quick note:

    The action to hook to is after_setup_theme not after_theme_setup.

    It’s right in your blog post but wrong here.

    Heh, wadday know? Thanks for pointing that out! Glad I got it right on my site at least!

    Too bad I can’t edit my older posts here, but I’m sure your post will suffice

    Just glad this thread wasn’t closed!

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