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    I just had a quick question… I’m wanting to write a post (I set up a new post type for admins only to access) via normal methods, and then have the content of said post be pulled into other back-end admin pages.

    Setting up the new post type is fine, as is adding in the custom fild for it. However, when I use various query methods, it seems to override the “regular stuff.” So, for example, if I “Add New” (to regular postings, or to new registered post types) the most recent post shows up within the content area, and I can’t save my custom fields. I’ve already determined it’s the query that’s doing it – if I remove the query, the whole things work fine. But I *need* the query so I can pull the content into the top of the admin page.

    Is there some other method I can use to pull this off? (I’ve used wp_reset_query(); at the end of my queries, because that usually works on the front end, but apparently it doesn’t on the back end.)

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  • Ha! figured it out. Turns out I was using an “AND” statement (to call in meta keys) in my query that I didn’t need, and was screwing things up. Works fine now!

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