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  • Having some issues with trying to build a code that allows me to have categorized posts to be shown on separate pages.

    I’m new to WordPress, but after doing some research, is this something that I can achieve by building a query posts code that can be placed into separate pages?

    What the end product I’m hoping to achieve would look something like this:

    Page “X” would include all posts from category “a”
    Page “Y” would include all posts from category “b”
    Page “Z” would include all posts from category “c”

    Does this make sense?

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Go to Appearance > menus and click on Categories (on the left there’s a dropdown). You don’t need to setup separate pages. WordPress builds them for you on the fly.

    I understand what you are referring to, but we could not find a solution using this.

    We would like for the (Click here) buttons on the bottom to lead to our most recent blog post, but we would like for each post to be separated, therefore making an individual article displayed on each page.

    how can we do this?

    For reference ^

    @electricfeet: i think it’s more or less what i asked you here

    the category-menu option works, but how can we make the same result appear by clicking one of the featured pages in home page?

    The problem with the featured pages code is that it’s quite complex. It looks up, for instance, the page that you set in the “Customiz’it” panel. It also takes an extract of the text from the page you’re pointing to — which doesn’t exist in the case of a category archive. And so on. There are lots of clever things going on behind the scenes in this functionality.

    So it’s not an easy thing to do. As a non-programmer, the bulldozer is generally my tool of choice 🙂 But in this case bulldozing one part of the code would have unintended effects elsewhere.

    [Remembering, of course, that Mythbusters succeeded in threading a needle with a bulldozer, so I’m not knocking bulldozers 🙂 ]

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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