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  • I’m the network manager for a multisite installation. Each of our individual sites has their own designated administrator. Is there any way for me to delegate to those admins the ability to download and install their own plugins? Or do I have to install the plugins to the network first?

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  • Plugins are a “Top Down” roll out and should be. (Same reasons the Theme editor/installer is Network Admin only).

    Only the Network Admin(s) can install plugins – gives you the ability to test/activate them site-wide first. You would NOT want an untrusted user testing plugins on one site that will bring down the entire network. Can you imagine what a ne’er-do-well user would do with a plugin specifically designed to bypass WordPress kses?

    Anyway, if you trust a user to install plugins, you may as well give then the keys to the whole shebang. Make them a Network Admin, too.

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