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    I added the plugin to a second site and connected the API. This went fine. Shortley afterwards I received an email letting me know thee was an issue with a previously made campaign running from the first site. On inspection the dropdown menu of the WordPress opt in goal no longer showed the initial opt in form, only the newly created form built on the second site.

    Reconnecting the API and making the form active on the first site then remove the form from the second site. It appears there is bug that only allows either one form to show or it does not like two installations of the plugn running on seperate sites

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  • I had the same thing occur. It seems infusionsoft app cannot handle more than one wordpress plugin integration. I uninstalled the plugin from my second site and fixed my campaign on the first site and republished. That’s unfortunate. I hope they change this in future updates.

    This is very frustrating and something they need to address asap. Not only do we technically have 2 different companies in our IS app but we also have two separate sites for one company. We have our public free community blog site and we have a membership site. This is for the SAME COMPANY WITH DIFFERENT WORDPRESS INSTALLS and I can only use IS plugin on one site. Sigh..

    Having said that, we have access to Bloom (from Elegantt Themes). Bloom is the plugin that IS forked to create the IS plugin. I use that on my other sites and it works fine. Honestly might (if I can find the time) replace IS plugin with bloom on the one site it’s on.. Bloom get’s updated regularly. This plug has been over 5 months.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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