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  • I created a post with a few dozen pictures, and now want to create another post with most of the same pictures in a Gallery. Obviously, I could upload the photos again while writing that post, but there would be duplicates on my server taking up space. Since the pics are in the Media Library already, how can I get them from the Media Library to the Gallery for that new post?

    If I click on the add media button, then click on Gallery, the Gallery is empty. The only way I know to get jpegs into the Gallery is to upload them afresh. Any way to get them into the gallery if they are already uploaded?

    Why do I want to do this? Well, let’s say I shot 60 pictures of fall leaves. On one post, I have a gallery of all of them. On another post, I want just a gallery of the 15 of the reddest trees. Or, another example. Same 60 pics for one post, but then I decided that it may be too many, so I put that post aside and start a new one. I don’t want to upload the pics again, they are already there.

    Lastly, if I delete a .jpg from the Gallery, is it deleted from the Media Library, or just the Gallery for that post.

    Thanks for any help you can muster.

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  • You just need to include the shortcode for the gallery in your new posts with the post id option specified:

    [gallery id="66"]

    Would get the gallery for post if 66, even if placed in post 67.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks, that’s a good tip, but that’s not the real question. I want to know if you can add some pics from the media library that are already uploaded to a page or post’s gallery. You start a new post, and want to put in 10 pics that you uploaded for another page. How do you get those into the gallery for that page?

    I don’t think at this time you can seleect a subset of pictures from an existing gallery. It would be great if you could do something like:
    [gallery id="66" items="1,3,5,6,7"] but right now, with out a plugin like the nextgen gallery you are limited to these options:

    number of columns
    post or page id

    So then, what you are telling me is that if I wanted to have a gallery of 15 pix of my two kids on one post, I upload the 15 pix to that post, they all go into the “gallery” for that post. If I wanted to make a post for the 9 pix in that group that show only single shots, I would have to upload the single shots again for that post, so that it would create a gallery of just those 9 pix. Now, however, I would have to wait for those 9 to upload, and have 9 redundant shots on the server. Seems like there should be a better way.

    Does NextGen work better than the various Lightbox plugins? I am currently using jQuery Lightbox and jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries. NextGen seemed a little complicated for this newbie when I looked at it–especially when I only want to have a little lightbox action on a few pages of pix.

    RCarbaugh <><

    Your description is how I understand things at the moment. You can selectively insert images from any previous uploads by going to the Media Library, clicking on “Show” next to the image you want and then clicking the “insert into post” option. You just don’t get it listed as a gallery this way.

    NextGen is a hefty plugin and probably overkill for a smaller projects. There is also Gallery 2 and Duh Gallery. All of them are good in certain situations.

    Hope that helps. Toss me a link to your site here or at churchthemer [at] gmail [dot] com.

    This could be way too late, but you should look at PhotoJar. It basically just extends the WordPress gallery stuff.

    I want this functionality.

    How hard would it be to get a “Create New Gallery” plugin, that allows you to create a new gallery then “send” whatever items from the Media Library you like?

    I like the drag and drop ordering of the Media Library (among other things) and adding a feature like this would make it almost perfect.

    Uploading assets every time you want to use them? Come on.



    It seems so logical – is there a *simple* plugin of some sort that would allow a basic checkbox ‘Add from Media Library to Gallery’ type feature?

    I always just code the gallery and use custom fields. I create a Category for “gallery” and then child categories for all the different galleries. The for each image in a post I select the “gallery” category. The problem with that, is that is really only for people using WordPress as a CMS and not WordPress for what it is really meant.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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