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  1. trianglex
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Using my modification of the Greenlight theme.

    I'm attempting to embed the email form for the PHPList WordPress plugin. The general instructions from the plugin author for incorporating the form into themes is to use the following code:
    <?php $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--phplist form-->');
    echo $content;?>

    I've added this into my header.php, inside the header div, like such:
    <div id="newsletter">
    $content = apply_filters(the_content, '<!--phplist form-->');
    echo $content;?> </div>

    I then used the newletter id in style.css to get it into position, etc.

    It worked, but then I noticed that it screws up the embedded mp3 player in my posts. I then realized that the "the_content" hook works on the post content, and that perhaps I need to specify a different hook or use a different method for getting the form into the header.

    Simply using <p><!--phplist form--></p> inside the header div doesn't work, either.

    Any thought for this rookie? :-)

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