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    I’m creating a new site for my roller derby team.
    We’ve decided to use Team Rosters to display our profiles.
    I was hoping you could walk me though adding the .php file to the themes active directory. We want to use the gallery view so I know I need the taxomony.php.
    I don’t know exactly which file to put it in and I’m worried I am going to mess everything up! Please help!


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  • Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Michelle-
    To do this, you really want to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. I recommend the (free) Filezilla client, which is probably the most popular FTP client out there today. But your web host probably provides an FTP capability in the control panel. That will work too. From there, you can just copy the file and paste into your theme’s directory.


    Please contact me through if you would like some more ‘hands on’ help.

    Ok thanks Mark.

    We have added the .php file.
    Now I cannot get the gallery display to work.
    Is there a shortcode to display this?
    I was able to get the roster table to work.
    Also I was reading through the forms and it says it should be site-url/teams/team-slug. How do I make that page?
    Heres the site URL

    when i type in the url with /teams/ this is all that appears

    Thanks so much for the help
    I really appreciate it

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Michelle-
    Looks like you almost have it. If you go in and inspect the page, you’ll see that all your player ’tiles’ are there. The problem is that the element <div id=”content-player-gallery”> has a height of 50px. If you use the inspector in Chrome (or Firefox) to change the height of that element to 1500px, say, all your data will magically appear (modulo some css cleanup).

    At a quick glance, I don’t see why this element is being forced to be 50px high, something to do with the plugin-theme interaction that’s fixable with a (probably one line) css mod.

    See if this hint helps and let me know. I can take a deeper dive next week if you don’t get it figured out.


    P.S. You are the second roller girls team (that I know of) using the plugin.

    P.P.S. “Kitty Liquorbottom” … really?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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