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  • When I create a post, or edit one, there is nothing showing to add photo. I reset options to simple even and clicked on advanced and still nothing.
    I can upload a photo fine, it makes a thumb even. I see them in right directory. Permissions set at 777 for wp-content, I have tripple double checked spelling and path etc, still nothing to add photos to articles. Allow uploads is checked dunno????

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  • as simple as it is (for us) to use the code to link to images uploaded prior to posting new entries it would nevertheless be far far more user friendly to have a sidebar with a list of uploaded thumbnails and click on the one you want to use for your post.
    there’s a lot of geeky stuff in wp which I don’t mind but i can see how people might have difficulties figuring stuff out and think some things of being awkward. in respect of “media management” WP offers about zero functionality as of now, apart from image upload. and even the “image upload” functionality is rudimentary atm.
    * user friendly image thumbnail sidebar to choose pics from
    * exif data
    * customizable thumb navigator
    but then again this sounds almost like pictoralis! 😉
    imho it would be a good idea to incorporate that functionality into wordpress. make is so that you can choose a category to be your photoblog category and make it so that the photoblog category can have its own template… sweetness.

    i am most definately for a feature freeze until wp 1.2 stable.
    imho it is a must, really.
    just saying that there’s room for improvement 😉

    smiles as he says: “I have suddenly acquired patience. For such a good program, some awesome features will be even better for the suffering involved in waiting for them. I feel deeply for the ones laboring on this all the time for our future enjoyment.: 🙂
    I was actually just wondering if I did something wrong 😉

    I may as well just ftp my pics to my server then. Will check back again when new versions come out. For myself and my customers a program with photo capabilities is needed,otherwise WP is definitely becoming a great program.
    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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