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  • Hello, i am searching for a working way to add a parent class to all menu items that have children, so i can format them different. If anyone has a link or description that allows me (being a beginner in php and themeediting) to succeed, i would be grateful.

    Thank you

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  • To target all the topmost menu items, I think you can use direct children selector ( or whatever it’s called ).

    Like this

    .nav-menu > ul > li > a { color: red; }

    To target only top menu items that have sub items, you have to put in custom class name.
    Appearance > Menus and pull down Screen Options tab

    Hello Paul,

    thanks for reply, the second one is indeed a solution that works. Yet i would like to avoid using the custom menu and keep it automated, so the search continues for a solution to make WP itself add a class to all menu items that have children, as some themes are doing it (graphene or the themes).

    Actually this should have been solved multiple times and i found some posts and descriptions in the net, but i couldnt find a clear outcome there and my programming knowledge keeps me in need of a step-by-step explanation (i can add a function but i cannot program it by myself).

    Any further ideas?

    Hi Sofian777, this should do it

    How to add a parent class for menu item

    Thanks for this, i tried it out but i couldnt get it to work. I copied it into my functions.php like this, is there anything else i should have done? (creating the childtheme i have done right since the css also worked. the file is named correctly, so i cannot find where i made my newbie mistake:)

    add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_objects', 'add_menu_parent_class' );
    function add_menu_parent_class( $items ) {
        $parents = array();
        foreach ( $items as $item ) {
            if ( $item->menu_item_parent && $item->menu_item_parent > 0 ) {
                $parents[] = $item->menu_item_parent;
        foreach ( $items as $item ) {
            if ( in_array( $item->ID, $parents ) ) {
                $item->classes[] = 'menu-parent-item';
        return $items;
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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