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    Is there a way to add padding to this code or does it need to be done via CSS?

    <?php the_post(); userphoto_the_author_photo('', '', array(align => 'right', border =>'1')); rewind_posts(); ?>

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Where exactly would you like the padding? You could always use the span style and do it inline.

    The image that this is displaying is being shown on this page –

    I’d like to get some additional padding around the image so the words don’t bump up right against the image.


    See if this will work for you:

    <?php the_post(); userphoto_the_author_photo('', '', array(align => 'right', border =>'1', class =>'author-image')); rewind_posts(); ?>

    and add img .author-image {padding: 5px; } to your stylesheet.

    or try this:

    <?php the_post(); echo "<span style=\"padding:5px;\">"; userphoto_the_author_photo('', '', array(align => 'right', border =>'1')); echo "</span>"; rewind_posts(); ?>

    unfortunately neither of those worked…

    the first option broke the author.php page and the second option had no effect.

    thanks for trying though!

    You could add this in your stylesheet:

    #content img {padding: 5px; }, but this will give any images in the content a padding of 5px…

    finally figured this out…

    <?php the_post(); userphoto_the_author_photo('', '', array(vspace => '5', hspace => '5', align => 'right', border =>'1')); rewind_posts(); ?>

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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