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  • I uploaded pabox onto my server, and have that runnning. I also have my blog running. I tried to add the pabox into my menu bar, but to no avail. Could it be the code I am using? I know absolutly nothing about coding, and simply swiped this off the other coding I could find.
    <li id="shout">Shout!:
    <?php include('pabox/pabox.php'); ?>

    Any help is greatly appreciated! thank you

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  • try using relative links that start from the base if u are using the rewrite rulez.
    this is just one of the things…

    meaning? *’.’* Sorry.. i am totally lost..
    <li id="shout">Shout!:
    <?php include('/domains/'); ?>

    is this it?

    now i am not exactly sure if php need to be called from the absolute base or browser level base.
    i think /pabox/pabox.php should work…
    i saw the hack now…
    and when i try to enter anything i get this page:
    which ofcourse dont exist. coz the php file is in a subfolder.
    also afaik, these shoutboxes run in an iframe… not sure abt that too…

    hack, meaning the shoutbox? When i enter anething, i get, which DOES exist..

    When I used the pabox I just put in an include with the actual web address:
    <?php include(‘’); ?>
    I tried the absolute path, but it never worked for me. I did put it in a pop-up window eventually as I liked that better. 🙂

    so no way to actually include in the page itself? :O(

    whoops.. silly me.. i’ve got it running.. what i did, was to make a i-frame, point that at the exact url, and resized the pabox.. is it too shoddy?

    nope. i have found all shoutboxes to be out of the main page’s content…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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