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    I’m having issues with adding new users: my developer has advised me is a wordpress 3.1 issue.
    When I’m in a subsite (as superadmin most of the time, so that could be the problem) and add a new user, it sends them a confirmation email but when they click on it it takes them to the subsite front page, not to a login screen.
    My dev told me I need to add them as a new user in network admin, then add them the existing user to the subsite from within the subsite admin.
    This is very cumbersome.
    And by the time I notice it, it won’t let me re-add them for a few days because an invitation has already been sent, so I need to contact them and send it to a different email.
    Is there a way to directly add new users to the site?

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  • No, because the users belong TO the network, not the site. I believe you can add the user to the network, NOT email them their password etc, and then add them to the subsite manually. But you don’t need to ‘re-add’ them to the network, just go in and add the ID you already made to the subsite.

    Hi Ipstenu, I missed your reply at the time, sorry
    Can I add them just to the site though?
    Eg. how can a site admin add new users?
    I’m having trouble getting this to work.

    For SITE admins, you have to turn on the option to allow them.

    wp-admin/network/settings.php -> Allow site administrators to add new users to their site via the “Users → Add New” page.

    Then the site admin goes to “Users → Add New” and there’s a “Add Existing User” option or an “Add New User” one.

    Thanks again, thats great

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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