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  • dbldee


    Still cannot add new users as contributors or authors
    Same problem exists when attempting to change user status

    Login as Super Admin
    Edit user the dropdown menu only contains item
    “No role for this site”

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  • While editing a user, you won’t see a list of every site to add them to.

    However, when editing a site, you can add users to it.

    Try: SuperAdmin->Sites->Edit->”Site Users”

    Same as before:

    we can’t reproduce this.
    Turn off all your plugins.
    Make sure you have the latest codebase.



    Confusing, I know.

    Login to your sub-blog backend AS Super Admin.
    THEN go to Super Admin menu > Users > Edit User.

    If you’re not in the sub-blog backend first, you are trying to edit a user on the primary blog.



    Not sure if it was intended to operate this way, but a partial solution found
    Remote posts were not being accepted because the login did not have required privileges.
    ie Cannnot be a user, must be contributor or author.
    Some how was able to change status to Super Admin
    Is the change to Network or Sub site? and how can we tell?

    uh, a SUPER admin has access to the ENTIRE network.

    is that what you really want?



    Thanks Andrea
    Not what I really wanted but could not change user status
    It now seems that I have multiple Super Admins
    Important: This user has super admin privileges.

    There must be a way that a user to be registered other than just a user!!

    Yes, there is! Are they an author on the blog? Or, if it is a blog they signed up for, they will be an administrator on that blog.

    I think your remote app is hitting the main blog which they don;t have privs on.



    May be getting somewhere

    Can you help me understand the differences between Editor, Author and contributor?

    thank you

    I’m having this same problem with only one of my sites. The menu to change the user role (in both sites/[subsite]/edit AND sites/users) does not have anything in the dropdown menu for roles. I tried disabling my plugins but that didn’t solve the problem. I thought I may have had user registration closed but I do not.

    So, basically, I cannot get any new user to access the backend of this one subsite unless they are promoted to super admin.

    Many thanks for any help you can give.



    I have installed the newest version and setup the sites brand new from scratch. I am trying to setup users and it says “Settings Saved” but no users show up. Thanks in advance for your time.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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