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  • Hi there,
    So I am having an issue with how my pages are named when I create new posts on one of my pages. Here is my website:

    Under the tab named ‘teaching blog’ I’d like to have multiple posts. The problem is, every time I post something new, the title on my tab changes to the name of the post. So far I have avoided this by just creating one post and adding to the top every time. This is no longer a good fix for me because I want people to be able to comment on each post individually. Is there a way to keep the name of the page constant, but have multiple posts on that page each with a different name?

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  • Cassandra, is the Teaching Blog the ONLY place where you will have posts? If so, it’s an easy fix.

    Go to my web design site:

    Everything there is a static WP Page EXCEPT the link that says “Blog.”
    Click that. Now in my case, I have the index.php set to pull excerpts only. But the concept is the same. You’d set your WP site up the same way, except instead of “Blog” you’d call it “Teaching.” You *might* be able to get away with renaming “Teaching Blog” to “Blog,” and name the new page “Teaching Blog,” but because of the way WordPress handles deleted pages and posts, that might not work. So let’s just go ahead and rename “Teaching Blog” to just “Blog.” (May be later you can go ahead and rename “Teaching” back to “Teaching Blog,” but for now let’s just start fresh with a new blank page called “Teaching.”

    I’m not sure if you are hard coding each days post? Are you? If so, you have some work to do after you set up the blog the way I’ve outlined below.

    But first, let’s set up the blog to run concurrently with the rest of the site.

    1. Create a blank page called “Teaching”
    2. Go to Settings > Reading
    3. See where it says “Front Page Displays…”?
    4. For Front Page, choose “A Static Page” and the dropdown should give you a list of all your pages to select from.
    5. For Posts, the “Teaching” page should appear in the dropdown.
    6. You should either hard code that into your navigation bar, or if you have automatic pages displayed there (wp_pages), “Teaching” should appear there automatically.

    Now if you’ve hard coded every single one of your “posts” on the “Teaching Blog” page in one huge post, you just need to cut and paste them as individual posts. You can fiddle with the date and back date them so that’s no problem.

    Good luck. And PM me (check my profile) if you need offline help with this or ask for more explanations here and I’ll do my best.

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    Hi Joni,
    Thanks for the help! Unfortunately, this didn’t quite solve the problem. My new page ‘teaching’ now just funnels the post from my ‘home’ page. I’m guessing the home page is set up so that you can add posts there (and only there?). I am happy to keep my ‘home’ page a static page, but I don’t know how to to change it because it isn’t one of my options. When I try to make a post on the ‘teaching’ page, it goes to oblivion. It isn’t anywhere else on the site…

    check it out:

    What version of wordpress are you using? I’m using 2.9.2 Should I update for easier communication? Thanks!

    I’m using 2.9.2 as well.

    Is that Teaching Blog one giant post, split manually into days, as I suspect?

    What WP Page is serving as your “home” page in the Settings > Reading panel I mentioned above?

    I Googled and found this tutorial, which may help explain it better than I did. Method 2 is probably what you want to follow. 🙂

    How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

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