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  • How do I create pages? If I try to make them using WordPress, then how would I add my menu?

    If I try to make them manually, copy and pasting all that code in index.php to other page files, I get an error.

    Please have a look at my site here:

    Having a really hard time with WordPress. 😛 >.<

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • In the Admin section go to Write->Pages.

    Here is where you create pages. Choose post-slugs that are descriptive of the page, such as “archives”, “contact me” and so on. When you create them, WordPress will automatically update your .htaccess file to allow access to them.

    In your template for the menu, you would then just reference <>/archives or <>/about and so on.

    Visit for more details.

    And in general is the best place to start off in learning the basics of WP.


    Sorry, but what are post-slugs? There is a page-slug option. And I don’t get the <> part?

    Sorry, I’m new to PHP and WordPress. 🙁

    A post or Page slug is basically the same: the title of a post or Page in a format for use in the url. In WordPress there are two types of permalinks (links to specific content in your blog) you can have: the default, which would be something like index.php?p=10, or custom “cruft-free,” “pretty” permalinks, which make use of elements like the ‘slugs’ to provide a more human-readable link.

    By <> Cypher means your web site address: . In other words, your domain.

    Okay. I made a page for the site. It’s called “Designs.” Please take a look over here :

    Cypher says that add in my template menu. But that template is in the index.php file.

    There is no file for this particular “Designs” page so how would I add the menu?

    Take a look at this site : He’s a friend of mine and he said that all his other pages are made using Notepad instead of WP except for the Index page. When I try to do that, I get an error.

    Can’t I do that? Wouldn’t that be easier? :S

    Thank you…

    Your theme is based on the Default (Kubrick) which doesn’t have sidebar (menu) in the page template.
    Open the header.php file of your blog and find this line:
    <?php /* Checks to see whether it needs a sidebar or not */ if ((! $withcomments) && (! is_single()) && (! is_page())) { ?>
    delete the part referring to pages:
    && (! is_page())
    and you’ll have a sidebar on your Pages.

    I am talking about the horziontal menu. The brown colored one. Not the sidebar menus.

    How did you insert it into your index.php (main template)? Do the same for the page.php.

    Moshu, you are god! One more question, now how do I make it so it displays on the comments page?

    Thank you so much for your help. This is site is really coming along. Thank you.

    For the “comments page” – correctly: single.php – do the same in single.php as you did for the Page template.
    And repeat it in the archive.php for the monthly archives. (Warning: there is another file with a similar name – archives.php – do NOT touch that one; only the one with the “singular” name 🙂

    Edit. I know it’s too late for this, but maybe for your next theme you should read this to understand which template is used for different views 🙂

    Thanks Moshu. 🙂 Thank you very much for your help. 🙂

    Moshu or if anyone else knows, how do I get rid of the “Xeenat Blog” text on the header? I do want it so it displays in everyone’s Browser Window, but I don’t want it on my header image? And it’s in the footer also?

    How do I get rid of it? And is there any way I can have individual titles for the different pages? If not, then it’s perfectly fine. 🙂

    This was a page related problem so I’m not starting a new thread.

    Thank you.

    The template tags in WP have pretty intuitive names!
    So, perusing your header.php will show you where do you want to keep the “bloginfo” stuff and where do you want to delete it.
    More details:

    Thank you. It worked. 🙂

    But on the comments page, I don’t want the “Blog Archive” part in the title. How do I get ride of it? See here:



    What do you have in your header.php between the <title> tags?

    See for information on formatting page titles to your liking.

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