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    Is there way to add option for adding new lines by visitor? For example if I ask visitor’s education history and I’d show only one line as default and visitor can then add new lines for multiple academies and courses.

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  • Yes and No. Yes, in that if you have a specified number of fields you can use “Conditions” to show/hide all those fields when a single previous form field is filled in.

    Such as fields 2 and 3 are hidden until field 1 is filled in. Or a number of fields become available based on a particular drop-down selection. This scenario works.

    That being said… I have NOT been successful in daisy-chaining conditions. Such as when field 1 if filled… field 2 displays (while field 3 is still hidden by an empty field 2), then if field 2 is filled… field 3 displays. It seems that if a field is previously affected by a condition, Applied Fields become unavailable in subsequent conditions.

    I’ve tried extensively to pull off what you are trying to accomplish, but with no success. I’d guess I’d ask why each course has to be its own field? Why not simply have a text area and the user use a carriage return?

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