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  • Since I updated WP, when I add a new field to the database the plugin no longer saves new new resumes. I had this working just fine in a previous version of WP and RSJP. It doesn’t seem likely to me, but, is there anything in RSJP (2.5.3) or newer versions of WP (> WP 3.5) that might cause this?

    FYI: When I updated WP to 3.8x and couldnt get [resumeForm] and [resumeDisplay] shortcodes to work, So I reinstalled RSJP snd got the application form to work, but not the list (no biggie). Unfortunately it meant I lost all the work I’d done for adding new fields.

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  • It’s too bad I can’t get a reply to my question. RSJP is exactly what I need for a client site I have. Nobody else seems to have a plugin like it, it’s worth updating.

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Sorry for the delay, busy schedule.

    Just thinking off the top of my head, if you’ve added the columns in the database and corrected coded/queried them, it should work. I don’t know of anything from the WP 3.8 version that would stop from saving, especially if it saves without any mods.

    Thx for the reply. Appreciated.

    I didnt think 3.8 would be an issue either. Havent even gotten to modifying the code yet to add new fields. Just adding z new field to the table causes the prob to occur, which makes no sense cause there’s no code associated with the new field.

    I’ve disabled all plugins, but I am using an old theme. Maybe there’s a stray setting in the database causing the prob. Could be associated with why I can’t get the [resumeDisplay] shortcode to display. Gonna try a fresh install of just 3.8, the theme and RSJP.

    Na, no love.
    I’ve done a new install with just WP 3.8, the theme and RSJP.
    RSJP installs just fine. Everything works properly.

    The problem occurs when I add a new field to the rsjp_submissions table. When I remove the new field, everything works fine again.

    Any thots?
    (Something new in the WP Core when it calls the table? MyPhpAAdmin not updating a MySql value, so WP doesnt recognize it? Im stumped.)

    Anyways, here’s the output from the “Submit Resume…” button:
    (aka… no thank you message)

    ‘<div id=”content” class=”site-content” role=”main”>
    <article id=”post-7″ class=”post-7 page type-page status-publish hentry”>
    <header class=”entry-header”>
    <div class=”entry-content”>
    <div id=”resumeSubmission”> </div>
    <span class=”edit-link”>

    i also tried using the TwentyFourteen and TwentyTweleve themes as well.

    I’ve also previously tryed modifying installer.php to create the rsjp_submissions table with all the new fields with no success.

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