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    How do I add the extra color schemes?
    As well as add my own color scheme so it becomes visible in the drop down in the user profile page?

    What about at the end of the drop down having a custom scheme where the user can select their own colors to be used? Or using to create a new color scheme.

    It would be nice to also include a scheme called default with the default colors that are today. So the user can easily use MP6 and keep the existing colors.
    I do miss the thin line between the side panel options. It was a good visual way to create a separation between the sections.

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  • Hey Guys

    I came across a “child plugin” for mp6:

    Please also check this support thread:

    It would be great if these color schemes where added directly into MP6.
    As in again more subdued colors, easy on the eyes.


    Plugin Author Joen Asmussen


    You can create MP6 color schemes by following the instructions here:

    Oh, and we are working on adding a lighter color scheme to MP6.


    I copied the seaweed color scheme (to back it up). Then made changes inside the seaweed color scheme admin-color.css but my changes are not showing up when I switch to the seaweed color scheme inside the backend.

    I am missing something it seems but I do not know what it is….

    I also renamed it but the changes I made are still not effecting.
    As if my changes are being blocked or not functioning.

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    MP6 color schemes are generated using SASS.

    For example the seaweed color scheme is generated by it’s bases colors in colors.scss and the _admin.scss file.

    Ok I am confused.

    I went to:

    Read and clicked the: “Check out this post for a more up-to-date method of working with MP6.”

    I went to:
    Followed the Plain CSS Way….. which did not work.

    Copied over and into the seaweedme (renamed seaweed folder): _admin.scss, _customizer.scss, _variables.scss and colors.scss.
    Ehh create grunt task well this step I do not know how to accomplish.
    I would like to easily just create some color schemes but right now I feel lost.

    I am much more of a user who does design then a designer that does code.

    Paal, I’m feeling you… I’m having the same or similar issue as you. I was able to add my custom scheme in the colors.php and have it shown with my custom color palette in my admin color picker options (profile page). By the way, looks like it’s no longer necessary to any other parameters other than label, palette and icon.

    The problem is that whenever I select this scheme, only midnight scheme colors are displayed. I even tried copying and pasting another scheme, let’s say “seaweed” inside my custom scheme folder (admin-colors.css and colors.scss) and the midnight scheme colors still always displays…

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hey Denis

    After mp6 has been released into the Core someone will very likely write an easier to follow tutorial on adding a new color scheme.

    I actually may have figured it out…

    So apparently, all you need to do is edit the admin-colors.css in your custom scheme folder. The reason why it kept showing midnight scheme in previously was due to cookies/cache issues…

    Now all changes in admin-colors.css will be reflected in that scheme…

    Ahhh I might have had the same issue. Caching can sometimes be a problem in Chrome. Makes me think that whatever I am doing is not working even though I refresh the page a bunch of times the page just does not show the newest version. Thanks for the reminder!

    Try Incognito mode, that’s what I use to prevent cookie or caching problems in Chrome.

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