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  • When WP was first installed it came with one user – Admin. I’ve read that that’s a potential point of attack, since it’s a known user name for the administrator. I’ve created another User with the Administrator level role, and I can log in using it. Can I now safely delete the Admin user name? Is there a reason to keep it and give it a lower level role?

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  • I can only tell you what I did.

    I created a new user (with admin privileges) and as username I entered a long string created by the password generator in wp-security plugin.
    I then deleted the admin user.

    If you do this write down and TRIPLE CHECK your new admininistrator username because there is no way you’ll remember it.
    Highly unlikely a hacker will ever guess your username this way.

    Also wp-security will remove the META generated by WordPress ver. #.#.# tag in your code. So don’t panic if you notice “something missing” from your code.
    It does this to slow down hackers. They can’t just “view source” and see your WordPress version.

    Whistle while you work!


    I didn’t want to delete Admin, get locked out of my site, and then be told that deleting Admin was a big mistake.

    Tom Wood

    On several installations of wordpress, I’ve deleted the Admin user via phpMyAdmin – Is this still the correct way to do this?

    Deleting the admin via phpMyadmin is fine. The way the OP described is just easier.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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