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  • Robbie Gee


    Hey guys, I have various school websites which I manage & we are in the middle of rolling out mobile apps for them all.

    The plan is to integrate the WP sites with the apps via RSS. So when a team member or I update one of the blogs it will automatically update on the apps. (Genius) :o)

    Each website has a different, premium theme & they all have different categories on their blogs.

    For example:
    – School 1 has netball, chess club & latest news as individual blogs (categories)
    – School 2 has football, tennis, latest news, computing & music as their blogs (categories)
    – School 3 has PTA, Art & Design & Science as their blogs (categories)

    The problem I have is I can only set up 1 RSS from each school(domain) –

    What i would like to have is:
    School 1

    And So On…

    I have tried using FeedBurner but it only spits out the basic feed & doesn’t categorize it down. I also searched for a plugin that may help with this issue & can’t seem to find one.

    Any insight or assistance with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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  • Pioneer Web Design


    Have you tried the RSS Widget?

    Robbie Gee


    Hi Pioneer Valley Web Design, thank you for your reply but I feel you may have misunderstood my dilemma here.

    I don’t want to display my recent posts on my websites – I need the feed URL of all the different blog categories (as above) to place in the various mobile apps (3rd party – iTunes & Android apps) we are creating.

    Pioneer Web Design


    I meant as a way of testing from within the sites that the feeds are working and therefore the issue was not within the app dev.

    Pioneer Web Design


    And, we cannot give you feed URL’s for a site we cannot examine.

    Open one of the sites in modern IE browser.

    Click a link to that category.

    The URL will be in form

    If you want to then find all categories or get the categories from the site, then admin dashboard>posts>categories

    Look for the RSS icon in bar at top (turn on if not there, right click bar)

    Click the little arrow next to the icon.

    select the category feed,

    note the url.

    Review if your app requires the rss or atom feed. If atom then append atom/ to the url or

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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