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  • Hi there,

    I am a photographer who shoots weddings and I have recently discovered WooThemes and the WooCommerce themes. Today I have installed Wootique (on a subdirectory of my site) and like it very much as it fits with my existing site in appearance very nicely indeed. Basically I am just getting around the template and have one main question. Basically as I have hundreds of products (photos) that I would like to insert is there a way to insert all of these so they are available for sale individually. At the moment the only way I can seem to do it at the moment is create a new product for each photograph which will just be too time consuming. I would like to add all my photos as individual products so they can be added individually to the basket and whilst selecting size/paper type options.

    Is there any way of doing this efficiently in this theme? If not could somebody suggest a theme that will support this either paid or free. I do however really like the Wootique theme as previously mentioned. I’m not sure if this is the place to as and I can’t ask on WooThemes forum as I have not previously bought anything from them before but would definitely be happy to do so if necessary to get this functionality.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • It’s not a restriction of your theme, it’s the intended purpose of WooCommerece. It’s meant to be a eCommerce plugin (think Amazon) and is not intended for a proofing gallery (think Smugmug). So because each product is intended to be different with different descriptions, photos, downloads etc. they don’t have anything like you’re asking.

    I too am a wedding photog & am trying to set it up for a proofing/purchasing gallery like you. The fastest way I’ve found is to create a category for your event, then create your last photo (product page) and setup 100% like you want them all with descriptions & variations etc. then publish it and click the ‘copy to a new draft’ button, change to title, permalink & photo to what you want for the next to last photo and repeat. Then set your default sorting order to most resent in settings.

    You’ll find that the prices for variations will get jumbled up so you’ll have to go back through and fix them at the very end. Make sure that every variation has a price set to it, 0 for ones that have no cost.

    P.S. I should add that there is a import method for xml data but it’s not worth wasting your time with.

    Thanks mci2727,

    Thanks for outlining your method. It’s a real shame that there’s no easier way. You must have more patience than me! I think it’s just gong to be too time consuming to complete a gallery photo by photo when it runs into the hundreds. Do you know of any other WordPress solution?

    Not that I’m aware of… If someone chimes in I’d love to know myself.
    I bet someone who knew about writing plugins could write one pretty easy to make it work well.

    WP eStore supports this capability by using a template product. It’s a but limited straight out of the box but with a minor tweak can be made workable. In particular you may want to modify it so that it will deliver images from a secured directory (i.e. one not directly accessible to the web server within docroot).

    It would be really nice to see the same functionality built for Woo since it’s a lot more powerful than WP eStore.

    Actually this Plugin does exactly what you just mentioned:

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