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  • Looking for instructions on how to add an mp3 file to my “Contact Us” Page and posts. Are there two choices: link or embed media player? I envision a little theme playing or available when someone goes to especially that Contact Page, even if the need to click a link. Would be great to have it just play. Did I read correctly that WP needs a paid updgrade for one or both of these possibilities? Thanks.

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  • Did I read correctly that WP needs a paid updgrade for one or both of these possibilities?

    Are you on, or self-hosted?

    Self-hosted (GoDaddy).

    OK, then you don’t need to pay, there are plenty of free audio plugins, my favorite is this one, it’s slick!

    Thank you. I’ll check it out. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get Contact Form 7 working? The spinning arrow just keeps spinning whe I try to send a test message and I don’t want to deactivate or delete the other plug-ins. Any other Contact Form suggestions if this can’t work with my Plug-ins?

    jleuze: I downloaded the audio player you recommended and now don’t know how to use it. I have an mp3 file. How do I include it in my page or posts? Do need to change any of the settings to add the file (like: \audio) or do I just paste the link into the post? Thx.

    PS: I also added a file called love2.mp3 (the audio file I am trying to include) to the test.mp3 server file…??

    jleuze (and everyone else):

    OK, disregard the two earlier posts. Two hours later I managed to add a link to an mp3 file to my “About Us” page (url for site is….see about us page), but I really wanted the music just to start when going to the page. In any case, if we must have a clickable link, I do not want to be navigated away from the page when the link is clicked as is the case now. Solutions, please. Thanks.

    I set up the audio folder on my web hosting provider and uploaded an audio file. I downloaded the podpress plugin already. How do I set up a link in my post so that visitors can click the audio button to play or download it?

    I forget how podpress works, I switched to powerpress some time ago, as it has great support, and I know it works.

    powerpress also has many options on players.

    I’d recommend switching to that one.

    Once you have it installed and set up, you can just put a link to the music file into the field powerpress sets up in your new post window

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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