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  1. JohnAndersson
    Posted 10 years ago #


    New to WordPress and have a question. I’ve used the search function, read everything that I could think was related to the issue on the Codex but haven’t been able to find the answer myself. My site btw is at http://projectjohn.net.

    I’ve added a few pages and also changed the name in the sidebar from Pages to Projects. No biggie there. But I would like to add some more pages under a different category, something like this:

    Projects >>

    About >>
    The site

    Categories >>

    It’s the About-thingy I’m having problem with. I’ve added the a href-tags in the sidebar.php but then I have to create every about-page manually but I would like to have the same setup as with the default Pages-setting, with page_id’s etc.

    I know it can be done, I’ve seen it on other sites but I don’t have the brain to figure out how. I have no php skills btw but decent html knowledge.

  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Pages don't have categories.
    What you could try: when creating (or editing) the Fragment and Novels - choose Projects as their "parent" Page. Same with the others...
    Hope it will work.

  3. JohnAndersson
    Posted 10 years ago #


    Thx for your reply. You mean somehting like this?

    Pages >>
          -The site

    I've thought of that but thats not the layout I'm looking for. But I'm keeping it as plan B if plan A fails. ;)

  4. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Oops, I think I misread your OP.
    Anyway, you could just add
    <li><a href="http://www.projectjohn.net/?page_id=XX" title="The Site">The Site</a></li>
    <li><a href="http://www.projectjohn.net/?page_id=XX" title="John">John</a></li>

    to your sidebar... providing you will not have 100 about Pages :)
    And in the wp_list_pages tag that you have for displaying the "Projects, use the exclude parameter to not show there the 2 about Pages.

  5. JohnAndersson
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Great, cheers mate. I'm out the door 2 seconds after I hit the Send Post button, but I'm gone try it when I get home. I'll report back later.

  6. JohnAndersson
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Works perfectly. Thank you for the help, much appreciated.

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