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  • Code before adding the title attribute field:

    <a href="http://localhost/jennfaust/"><i class="icon-home"></i><span class="fontawesome-text"> Home</span></a>

    Code after adding “Return Home” to the title attribute field:

    <a title="Return <i class=" icon-home"=""><span class="fontawesome-text"> Home</span>" href="http://localhost/jennfaust/"><i class="icon-home"></i><span class="fontawesome-text"> Home</span></a>

    I haven’t looked into debugging this yet but something isn’t escaping/returning properly 🙂

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    Ah, yeah… looks like you aren’t accounting for a link title in the replace function.

    function fontawesome_replace( $a ) {
            $listitem = $a[0];
            $icon = $a[2];
            $link_text = $a[3];
            $str_noicon = str_replace( $icon, '', $listitem );
            $str = str_replace( $link_text, '<i class="' . trim( $icon ) . '"></i><span class="fontawesome-text"> ' . $link_text . '</span>', $str_noicon );
            return $str;

    I’m getting a similar output when using this plugin with a custom menu. I’m on WordPress 3.6, and I wonder if the wp_update_nav_menu_item() function in is different and that’s why the str_replace isn’t working correctly. Any thoughts?

    I’m working locally, so I don’t have a link to show, but what is happening is:

    -I create a new menu in Appearance>Menus
    -Populate it with a Link (let’s say it’s to Facebook) filling out the URL, Navigation Label, having it open in a new tab and filling in icon-facebook as the class. Everything else is blank.

    The output in the navigation is:”>F facebook
    (the F is the font awesome icon for Facebook)

    This is the HTML generated:
    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.<i class=" icon-facebook"=""><span class="fontawesome-text"> facebook</span>.com"><i class="icon-facebook"></i><span class="fontawesome-text"> facebook</span></a>

    I did some troubleshooting and got to the same code @ianarmstrong posted above.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Same thing happening here And not sure why. I have a menu full of social links. Two of the icons are created correctly and the rest are not. Here is the HTML that is created.

    <li id="menu-item-67">
      <a icon-youtube"="" href="http://www.<i class=" target="_blank">
        <span class="fontawesome-text"> youtube</span>
        <i class="icon-youtube"></i>
        <span class="fontawesome-text"> youtube</span>
    <li id="menu-item-68">
      <a href="/feed" target="_blank">
        <i class="icon-rss"></i>
        <span class="fontawesome-text"> rss</span>

    I tried messing around with the link, the label, and the title, and target just to see what was causing the problem and couldn’t come up with an answer

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