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  • I have a feedback on the WP admin panel: Sites and Design/Menu. As Im not a native english speaker, Im not sure if I can clearly explain. I’ll try my best 😉

    I just created a new site (Im a noob) and added some 87 pages, and there will be a few hundred pages more (at the end probably 700-900). Already now I almost loose the overview.

    No matter if I open “all sites” or Design/menu from the Dashboard: I see every single page I created. So lets say, one day in the early future, I want to add third-level page number 887 to some second-level parent site. My possibilities are: scrolling through the whole site-/menu-structure to find the appropriate parent site, or I can sort by date of creation (which probably helps bloggers but not people with hundreds of sites with products) or I can search for a certain page. None of it really is a perfect solution.

    What I would love to see: It would be perfect, if there would be a possibility to minimize the whole site- or menu-structure (like within the windows explorer). So that for example I only see all first level sites or menu-items, and the second or third level sites or menu-items only show when I choose to open it.

    I hope I was able to explain that in a way that you understand what I mean :/

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