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  • I know that 2014 supports two menu items. Issue is, I need more than that (at least three total). Can this be done, without completely recoding the site? I see the listings under the style.css file. Or do I make changes to the rtl.css file? Ideally I’d like additional levels of menus. Such as having one (or two) primary, with at least a couple of secondary per each of those and maybe a few tertiary menus off of those (each). IMO, it would make for easy navigation on sites using WP and this theme.

    Otherwise, any recommendations on a theme with that functionality already in place??

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    Twenty Fourteen supports two menu locations, but each menu location can contain multiple items, with submenus and submenus of submenus as well. Check out Appearance Menus Screen for more details on creating navigation menus.

    There’s 2 steps:

    1. Register the menu in your functions file

    register_nav_menu( 'third-menu', 'Third Menu' );

    2. Display it in your theme

    <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'third-menu' )); ?>


    This might be a stupid question… How do I make pages link to the menu sub-categories?

    If you look at the page ( I have two pages right now. I’d like to have the two menu items go to the pages that match. Plus be able to allocate more pages into either category in the future.

    Again, if there’s a theme that does this better/easier, I’m all ears… Well, I’m mostly skull but that’s for a different thread.

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    If you look on the left side of the panel, you’ll see an accordion pane with three headings: “Pages”, “Links”, and “Categories”. Click on “Pages” and you’ll see a list of all your pages. Click on the pages you’d like to add to the menu and you’ll see a checkmark next to each. Click on “Add to Menu”, and then you’ll see the pages you chose in the righthand panel labeled “Menu Structure”. Click “Save Menu” to finish. The site I linked before has screenshots and more detailed instructions.

    Is there any pages/sheets that show what parts of the pages are controlled by which lines on the style.css file?? Also, for some odd reason the site displays pretty much correct on either FireFox (latest release) or IE (11). Chrome doesn’t use the adjusted width settings I made…

    It’s only been about 8-10 years since I did any web site coding, so to say I’m rusty is a severe understatement.

    BTW, stephencottontail… Very helpful replies so far… I do appreciate it.

    Moderator stephencottontail


    You can use Firebug (or a similar web inspecting tool) to see what CSS is being applied to your site. When you have Firebug installed, you simply right-click on any part of your site and choose “Inspect Element” (or some menu option like that). Firebug will show you exactly what CSS rules are being applied to that particular element.

    As for your Chrome issue, I’m afraid I don’t know enough about the browser to help. Sorry.

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