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    I was just wondering how I could add small text changes at the bottom of every page and post such as “copyright by…” or a personal signature like a name or something?

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  • Edit your footer.php file.

    Where exactly in the footer xould you enter information, and what would be the appropriate html tags? (There is a lot of code there)

    Start here:

    Sorry, haven’t exactly had time to learn all the different code forms, html tags, etc. Just wanted to place a simple, non-changing, custom footer at the bottom of my sites’ pages and posts.




    youre asking basic questions about HTML tags???

    moshu pointed you in the almost right direction..

    I suggest this:

    or here:

    or even here:

    When you look at your source you see XHTML. XHTML can be thought of as HTML on steroids.

    You have a long road ahead of you of you are asking for help with basic html tags.

    Please do us and you a favor and learn some basic information. Time to post and read here, means you have time to read and learn elsewhere.

    I think you misunderstood my post (Or I may have worded it wrong, it was late) I already know all that basic html information, I was just unclear as to what the appropriate tag for that specific line of code would be (I’m 95% sure it’s the <p> tag).

    My main beef was where amongst the footer.php code it would go, because there are hundreds of lines of code there, and no indication of “where” I could edit it.

    Can you tell us what theme you are using?

    Of you might consider pasting the code from your footer.php at and reporting the link to that pastebin entry back here.

    For now, I’m just using the default theme
    (WordPress Default 1.6 by Michael Heilemann)

    May change it later though
    (A while later, nothing immediately)

    Okay that footer displays
    Blogging in the WordPress World is proudly powered by WordPress

    Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

    What is it you want it to read?

    Just want it to say “copyright (the little c symbol) by James L.”

    Then after this:

    Comments (RSS)</a>.


    <BR>&copy by James L.

    Actually, my bad. It would be:

    <BR>&copy; by James L.

    I don’t think it will let me edit the theme footer because below the codebox it says:

    “If this file were writable you could edit it.”

    I encountered this problem before when trying to change the code.

    You don’t have the proper permissions set to edit theme files on your server using the WordPress editor. Use an FTP program or a web based file manager to go to the following folder in your WordPress install: wp-content/themes/default and then select all of the files there and set their permissions to 777 (or check all the boxes to allow writing). You will then be able to edit the files through the WordPress editor.

    Please see for revised footer.php


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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