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  • i had looked at MT several times … but unfortunately chose the DAY they released 3.x to try it out. So i did some searching (fortunately there were a lot of pissed off MT users) and quite easily found out about WP. Not sure what the global ‘theme’ is going to be yet, but i figured that everybody else is doing it … and this certainly is less harmful to my health than other activities associated with that phrase.
    i certainly welcome your thoughts’s QUITE lacking in content at this time, so just keep that in mind.
    and my art site, while having content, is quite lacking in design as I am working to adapt what i have come up with for WP to just some basic code.
    thanks! — michael

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  • so i finished migrating my WP style to my static art galleries and i must say, it’s nice to have some consistency between the two sites.
    have a look if you are so inclined :
    — michael

    while i liked the layout of my old design, i just wasnt sold on colors/patterns/etc. soooo … i messed with it some more … and then again … and NOW i think i’ve found something i can settle on for a while.
    i’m still working on ideas for the posts and menu backgrounds … though they grey is a nice temp. i welcome your thoughts, especially from those that have seen the older design.
    — michael

    OMG what have you done ? 😉

    *blush* you like?

    I like the new one as well, but it’s very dark! If I were you, I’d lighten the background (the grey-striped one) somewhat, and perhaps the background in the ‘boxes’ a bit too (depending on how the boxes look with a lighter background).
    And pleeease! get rid of the Arial in the dropdown menu!!! This might just be me, but Arial bold just makes the hairs on my neck stand up!!! Eek! Same font as the rest, much better 🙂
    Other than that, me still likey very muchy 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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