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Adding meta name to single Pages

  • Hi,
    Can anyone explain how to add a different meta name tag for each page posted? I have added the meta name description to the header.php theme file template, but I only want that to appear on my home page and have a different description for each page I post. Can anyone help me??


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  • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

    lets you pretty much do anything you want with the meta stuff for any page/post

    Thanks. I will check it out right now. It looks like it has everything I need! Thanks again!

    sure, its a very popular plugin, I’d bet most WP users install it to handle meta stuff

    I also wish to have the option of having different Meta Tags for each page or post on my blog. I have uploaded the plugin and found that the following two fields maybe meant for customization.

    “Additional Post Headers” and “Additional Page Headers”
    “What you enter here will be copied verbatim to your header on post pageS. You can enter whatever additional headers you want here, even references to stylesheets.”

    It seems to say that the header information entered here will be reflected in ALL POSTS or ALL PAGES.

    I am not clear how this Plugin can add different descriptions and keywords for each page or post individually.




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    Thanks, but the FAQ page does not address my question, which is as follows:

    Can “All in One SEO plugin” manage different Descriptions and Keywords for each page or post individually rather than ALL posts or All pages.?



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    It manages them individually.

    Please feel free to make corrections on my conclusion here:

    “All in One SEO Plugin” allows you to add information within the Header section for All post or pages using fields such as “Additional Post Headers” and “Additional Page Headers”. It does not handle description and keywords individually for each page or post.

    Updating Meta tags for each different post and pages require post IDs and page IDS, which I couldn’t find anywhere in this plugin.

    Thanks anyways.


    Could you show me how it manages descriptions and keywords individually please? Thanks.

    Okay, I see how it works now. Updating the Home page meta tags is in “Options configuration panel”, one must go to Edit page or post for updating meta tags of each page or post individually. Thanks.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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