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  • I am a web designer and only build WordPress website, hence I have a lot of experience using.

    Here are a couple of “bug bears” that would increase my love of WordPress.

    1. If I could simply drag and drop on top of the featured image space/widget, instead of clicking “add featured image”

    2. This follows on from (1), it would be extremely helpful if when adding an image I didn’t have to type in the dimensions all the time (How tedious!). WordPress knows the dimensions as when I click on any image to add it has a box with the dimension of the image, so why doesn’t it simply take this dimension as the standard entry, and if I want to set something different I could do that manually.

    3. It would be great if in the text box I could select the SIZE (12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 22pt, 36pt, etc)

    Its a great system, keep up the good work. Because of your system I am able to make a living and feed my family.

    Steve Parkinson
    Manchester, UK

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