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  • I’m running into these problems since upgrading to 2.6.3:

    Warning: Compilation failed: this version of PCRE is not compiled with PCRE_UTF8 support at offset 0 in /sysblog/wp-includes/compat.php on line 94

    Warning: array_slice(): The first argument should be an array in /sysblog/wp-includes/compat.php on line 95

    Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /sysblog/wp-includes/compat.php on line 96

    I find this happening in several places:
    * Admin page, Incoming links (but only if these exist)
    * AFTER uploading a file (add media), or when adding media (images) to a post., no matter what panel. Upload itself is Ok, it’s just after the update in the Choose, Gallery and Media library panels.

    Obviously, the PHP-engine I use misses this bit built-in, but it has never been a problem before; All WP versions I used before, up to 2.6, don’t care. It’s just 2.6.3 that happens to have a problem here.

    How to get around the problem?
    Or better, could WP follow a different execution path if UTF-8 is not built-in?

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  • Well, found one thing, and that solved that problem: BLOG_CHARSET = UTF-8. Changed that and that problem seemed to be solved. But now adding medai doesn’t return to the page…

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