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  • marcela.martin


    Hi there, I have just disvovered this thread (resolved) about “adding margins” in Platform

    I want to use the same trick but… Where can I find the CSS sheet?? (sorry I am a newbie)

    Then If I want to add margins in other color other that black I just look up the colour code in Photoshop, for example, and enter it instead of FFFFFF, but how do I also change the colour of the content area? (I haven’t decided it yet but it will be other than white)

    Thanks for your help and also thanks to Peredur, nice site
    (I am going to stick to Platform though because it’s very versatile and I’ve got some weird shaped images for the header).

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  • peredur


    The style sheet is the file called style.css in the wp-content/themes/name-of-your-theme directory (where name-of-your-theme will presumably be something like ‘platform’ in this case.

    As for the RGB codes (colour codes), yes, you can use PhotoShop, or the GIMP or any decent image manipulation application. Remember to use RGB values and not CMYK values.

    You change the colours of the content area by finding the style rule that is setting the colours and then changing it (preferably in a child theme).

    Finding the style rule that applies is easiest, I find, using Firebug. It also means you can experiment with it in Firebug to see the effect of changing the rule.



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