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  • checkers1811


    I added a form button to a post today that did not fit on one line in the edit window and wrapped around to the next line. I saved the post and veiwed it and it was OK.

    I went back to the post to add some more text and when I saved it and reviewed it the <form /> tag was damaged.

    Evidently, when saving the post the second time the editor incorrectly assumed that the <form> tag was two lines. The line break was inside of a “” delimited string.

    Can someone fix the post editor so that it can accept html tags that are forced to wrap to the next line in the edit window?

    Here is the line that I added…

    <input type=button value=”Listen to it now!” title=”Track 5 from the collection ‘Only Guitar’ by M.C.Warrior” onclick=”open_win()” />

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