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  • Hi I am using static pages in wordpress twenty twelve. How do I add a page to the side bar – its easy to add a page to the side bar as I use Black Studio TinyMCE Widget but the problem I am facing is that everypage I add is automatically showing in the top nav bar and i dont want that – just want to put a link in the side bar pointing to the page as my nav bar is getting crowded. Thanks

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  • Hi @acharles, do you mean you want to add a link to a page to your sidebar?

    In TwentyTwelve, you can do this with a Custom Menu widget.

    First, create the custom menu in your Appearance > Menus area by creating a new menu and then filling it with the pages you want to appear in your sidebar.

    Then, go to Appearance > Widgets and add the Custom Menu widget to your sidebar. It will ask you which custom menu you want to appear there, and you can select the menu you just created.

    Hi thanks Lettergrade – the thing is – every-time I build a page the page automatically goes into the top navigation bar – but I want to have the option of only having the page link in the side bar as my top naviagtion is too crowded – for example the ‘Terms of Use’ is in the top navigation bar but I only want a link to this page from the side bar? You can see an example here.

    Thanks again

    Oh, got it. You probably had the following setting clicked when you created your menu:

    Automatically add new top-level pages
    Check this box so that anytime a new top-level Page is created, that Page will automatically be added to the menu

    You’ll need to go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, select your menu, and unclick that option.

    Then, to add a link to the sidebar, you can follow the instructions from my post above!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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