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    thsis where your header is
    replace it with your header with same name and upload it to same spot

    where do you want to add pics?

    Samboll – thanks. Please understand that I’m a mac (dummy). I really don’t understand where that header is on the wordpress dashboard or back at my hosting? Where is my header with the same name? Again, please forgive my ingnorance.
    Regarding pictures, I’d like to get one at the top of the ‘about’ section and probably at the begining of each post so folks can see who is posting.

    you won’t find it in the wp dashboard
    you will need to create your own banner and name it header.jpg
    then you will need to ftp to site or use your host’s file manager to upload it to
    over writing the old one (note, you can rename the old one if you want to keep it)

    pics can be uploaded via wordpress
    edit your about page and click on the add media tab above the post editor
    same is true for individual posts

    Samboll – thank you very much. I was able to do the pictures. see: also inserted one into the ‘about’ page
    the creating my own banner will take a bit more work. I’m going to keep this open while I work on it.
    again, thanks.

    Samboll – I think I’m going to need professional help for that.
    I can go into my hosting and I see the original file ‘header’

    my problem is I don’t know how to get the artwork (all that’s there is the code stuff) into something like illustrator so i can add the logo to it. and then change the placement of the title words – so that I can then upload it back to the hosting account.

    I believe that is what you are saying that needs to be done. Yes?

    I believe that is what you are saying that needs to be done. Yes?

    yes. There are several free online logo/banner generators – google for them.

    thank you very much

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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