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  • Has anyone had any experience or know where to start looking for a way to change woocommerce to have a live feed for stock availability that a client of ours is looking to have as they are using a dropshipper and is really looking for this feature, I understand its called an RSS/XML type of connection between woocommerce and the dropshippers stock update

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  • This can be done. One approach is to have the drop shipper create a file ( XML or CSV etc ) that has a list of products and their respective stock levels. That file can either be sent to your site, or your site can download it from their site. Then process the file to update stock levels as indicated in the file data.

    We did this for a store a few weeks ago. The way they wanted it done was to use FTP. So we created a script that logs into their FTP server, downloads the stock update file, and processes it. The file contains a list of products, one line per product, and the line data for each product has a SKU and stock level. So our script reads that file and updates stock counts. Fairly simple.

    Ok thanks can you give me your email address so we can discuss costings etc


    I have sent numerous emails to your guys over the last few weeks, if you don’t want the work can you let me know please


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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