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  • how come when i add a <br/> link into the list, in IE it’ll show up as a break, but in firefox it ignores the break command? I know this probably isn’t the best way to get some space between different link categories, but I’m too lazy to go figure ou tthe css for this.

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  • I have noticed in the past that I sometimes had to add two <br>’s to get the desired affect.
    Maybe two will do?

    yea, but then two <br>’s will show up in IE where as only 1 would show up in firefox

    The br doesn’t show in Netscape either so it must be a Mozilla thang. (not that this helps you any 🙁

    Might I suggest that hand coding br tags in is not *a good thing*. That is not semantic mark up, and it destroys a degree of the automation we enjoy. Plus as you observe you get inconsitency across platforms. Link spacing can be styled like everything else in the CSS. Try line-height: xxpx;

    yea, but line-height seems to have a different effect on the links list that I add through the admin section than with other menus I might add through the index file.

    Well that is do with cascading and inheritance. You need to apply it to all the selectors you have invoked.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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