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    I just upgraded from WP v1.5 to 2.0.2 and noticed something that is frustrating me. In the 1.5 version, when I was writing a post, I could click on a Link button (among other such buttons, including bold, italic, blockquote, etc that where above the writing box – I think they were called QuickTags) and a screen would pop up for me to enter the link into. Then it would automatically put the html coding into my post for the link.

    I don’t see this anywhere now on my write page. What happened to it? I don’t think this was a plugin I had installed since I didn’t have very many of them and have already reinstalled all but one. Did they just remove this functionality from the new release? And if so, did someone develop a plugin to bring it back?

    thanks for any help you can offer…

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  • Nevermind, I think I found the problem. Seems my Visual.SpellCheck plugin was interferring so that my quicktags did not show above the post box.

    So I just deactivated it. Not quite a full fix, but I’ll just find a new spell checker plug in I suppose. 🙂

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